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10 essential plumbing tools every toolbox should have

Planning a DIY plumbing project? Feeling anxious if a simple plumbing problem were to strike? Before tackling a leaky pipe or clogged drain, make sure your toolbox is stocked with these 10 essential plumbing tools.

10 essential plumbing tools every toolbox should have

Homeowners face common plumbing problems every day. While some plumbing issues are complex and require an expert hand and specialized tools, some mishaps are simpler: leaky pipes, clogged sinks, or plugged-up toilets can be turned into DIY jobs. However, before you can dive into your plumbing project, it’s important to be prepared. Here are 10 essential plumbing tools that you should always keep in your toolbox.

1. Basin wrench

A basin wrench is a staple for any plumber’s toolbox.

  • Used to tighten and loosen nuts on sink faucets, the basin wrench has a long shaft and a swivel, clamp-like apparatus at the end.
  • It can go into deep, narrow spaces behind sinks in order to reach the faucet bolts.

2. Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is perfect for compression fittings, supply lines, and other plumbing parts that have hexagonal-shaped nuts.

  • Quality adjustable wrenches have a firm jaw setting that won’t slip while you work.
  • You should get both six-inch and 10-inch adjustable wrenches for your toolbox.

3. Pipe wrench

Often larger than the adjustable wrench, the pipe wrench is a heavy tool that tightens and loosens fittings and nuts.

  • Two pipe wrenches will be needed, as one is used to turn, and one is used to grip and hold during your project.
  • Be sure to wrap the wrench’s jaw in cloth to avoid damage to your fixtures’ finishes.
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