The universal mobile App that connect people with their favorite places.

Build customer loyalty

We help more than 1,500,000 businesses with their digital marketing.

Por que los usuarios nos prefieren

  • Prizes and benefits

    They can win monthly prizs and raffles by simply using the application.

  • 'Push' Notifications

    They receive notifications in real time about their favorite brands promotions or exclusive benefits wherever the are.

  • A unique experience

    We developed a great tool using the geo-location system so they can enjoy unique experiences that meet their needs.

  • A real comunity

    The get opinions and reviews with photos from those who have already experiences what they are interested in.


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Ventajas de ofrecer UbiZ Fidelity

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  • 1,000% rentabilidad

    Como en todos nuestros productos, obtendrá el 1000% de rentabilidad por cad enta en su localidad asignada.

  • Producto de calidad

    UbiZ esta disponibles para dispositivos Andoid y iOS, lo que abarca el 100% de los usuarios, tanto negocios como potenciales clientes.

  • Mantenimiento constante

    UbiZ esta en constante mantenimiento y la BOI esta permententemente desarrollando nuevas y mejores funcionalidades haciendo updates cada 3 meses.

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