About us

We develop potential, drive equality, and encourage progress, one member at a time.

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Global Digital Cooperative

Global Digital Cooperative (GDC) is an organization that belongs to its members, who at the same time are consumers who use the services that GDC offers.

We present a mixed corporate architecture where institutional and public are complemented by private business, thus forming a strong synergy among all participants.

The name GDC is self-explanatory:
We are global, and we are digital, and we are legally established under the concept of cooperatives.

Our History

An idea is born

We expanded worldwide

We started a business community

We become Cooperative

Our origins go back to the MSICC International Chamber of Commerce, where we worked in the institutional field from 1996 to 2006, developing commercial activities and using the emerging Internet technology.

After the creation and implementation of a directory of importing and exporting companies, in September 2007 we created and developed a concept that catapulted us into the online market: The yellow pages of the internet with AmarillasInternet, and then with AiYellow.

For the first time the popular concept of yellow pages was implemented with the exclusive focus on digital advertising without any activity in the printed formats. In the next 12 years we work on technological innovations applied to emerging markets, mainly developments focused on business applications, and we expand globally, reaching more than 143 countries.

The official registration of Global Digital Cooperative was made on March 26, 2019, in Minnesota, United States. Since then we have integrated a team with extensive experience in the digital sector, absorbing a business ecosystem made up of more than one million registered members, 23 digital advertising products, a mobile app and our own community exchange token: Yellow Trading Coin (YTC). With YTC, GDC members can operate in a marketplace composed of more than 1,400,000 companies.

Our first business divisions had a period of 12 consecutive years of extraordinary success, representing a combined experience of more than 30 years in the market, now gathered in GDC.

We are a digital cooperative created to expand anywhere in the world, grouping participants and spreading the horizon of possibilities, constantly generating new opportunities for all our members.


We are a community inspired by solidarity values and collective well-being, passionate about the synergy of teamwork, committed to the generation of entrepreneurial opportunities and benefits for the millions of people who trust in our business model, promoting the integral development of ecosystem and all its members.


To become the largest and most complete digital cooperative in the world, capable of permanently creating technological projects that become successful lifelong businesses, to grow and see all the members of our community grow in a solidarity, continuous, powerful and firm manner, keeping us forefront of the global market.

GDC and what
"All Together as One" means.

In an increasingly interconnected world, where technological innovations surprise us with their speed, we bring together different participants, each with their own goals and skills working and united as a whole.

Each division of GDC represents an evolution in their respective specialty, with a view to promoting equal opportunities that develop the potential of all our members by encouraging their progress.

The most important reason to form a global digital cooperative is to embody the true meaning of community and offer our associates a future ALL TOGETHER AS ONE.

In the diversity of projects we present a surprising range of business opportunities.

Patronage Shares

Allow you to receive a percentage of the profits.

City Director Program

A new and innovative commercial concept.

Expansion Pool

A community monetary fund intended to be distributed among all members.

GDC Clubs

GDC Buyers & Discount Club – GDC Travel Club and GDC Investment Club.

GDC reaffirms the true meaning of community: building an inclusive economy, together.

Video Library

We make available to the entire Global Digital Cooperative community a collection of audiovisual documents that include content related to our principles, basic concepts, business units and other elements that every GDC member must Know. Additionally, we share testimonial videos of our members, clients and strategic allies, with whom we continue to work "together as one".

Our members say

  • "Me siento muy feliz, el día de ayer publiqué mi primer anuncio en el marketplace de GDC. La plataforma es muy amigable y era más el susto de hacerlo mal. Esta es mi primer vez que interactúo en el ecosistema. Cada día más a gusto en y con la cooperativa. "
    - Antonio José Rentería Gafaro
  • "Agradezco a GDC porque en ella he encontrado una forma inteligente de manejar el tiempo, haciéndo crecer la cooperativa, mi economía y compartiendo con mis seres queridos lo mas valioso el tiempo de compañía. Mil gracias GDC."
    - Antonio José Rentería Gafaro
  • "Es una comunidad donde se puede vender y comprar "
    - Jhon Leyver Morales
  • "Debemos tener en cuenta conocer muy bien el markeplace, puesto que esto tiene muchas ventajas para nuestros negocios, nuestras necesidades y para mover y monetizar nuestra moneda, además de los buenos precios que se logran obtener usando los YTC."
    - Hugo Fernando Sánchez González
  • "Wow, even the premium is super. I am enjoying GDC, more points for me."
    - Funmilayo Osibote
  • "GDC MARKET PLACE ia a secured way to do ytc transactions between most countries and cities . It can be totally recommended ."
    - Pieter Smit
  • "THE IDLE MIND IS THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP This became through in my village/community. Throughout this protest period that has lasted for 3 weeks ongoing, none of my village/community were involved because GDC had work for them and there was virtually no need to get occupied with unproductive ventures. They now believe that instead of contributing negatively to developmental efforts, they pledged to contribute positively to the developmental efforts no matter the measure. This mindset, I can say a new development in the village/community has seriously helped us. We see ourselves as products of one family (Adam and Eve) and as such brothers and sisters. GDC, I say a big thank you and special thanks Our God for bringing you our village/community. Let the Overflowing Blessings and Enduring Peace of The Almighty God bless, abide with you now and always, Amen."
    - Moses Perekeme Bokeyerinbrabo
  • "Muito feliz com a Yellow e GDC."
    - Douglas Alves