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We develop potential, drive equality, and encourage progress, one member at a time.

What is a Co-operative?

"one member, one vote" the universal rule.

A co-operative is an association belonging to the members who use their services, working there, are joint property and are directed democratically by and for its members, so that they can meet their needs and socio-economic aspirations every day.

Co-operatives can provide virtually any product or service and are different from other enterprises. They use the proceeds for purposes that are designated by the board of directors and their members. Co-operatives exist in all sectors of the economy and can touch all aspects of our lives.
Co-operatives are, democratically managed by the "one member, one vote" rule. Members share the same voting rights regardless of the amount of capital they put in the company.

As value-driven companies, not just for profit, co-operatives share internationally agreed principles and work together to build a better world through co-operation. Co-operatives around the world, are enabling people to work together, helping to build sustainable businesses that create jobs and long-term prosperity by putting equity, equality, and social justice at the heart of the business.

The Power of Co-operatives


More than 12% of humanity is part of the 3 million current cooperatives in the world!



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Global Digital Co-op

The co-operative GDC - Global Digital Co-operative (Global Digital Co-operative) is an organization that belongs to its members, who at the same time are consumers who use the services that GDC offers.

We present a united corporate architecture where institutions and the public are complemented by the private sector, thus forming a strong synergy between all participants.

The name GDC is self-explanatory: We are global, and we are digital, and we are legally established under the concept of co-operatives.

We are global, and we are digital, and we are legally established under the concept of co-operatives.

GDC Clubs

GDC Buyers & Discount Club – GDC Travel Club and GDC Investment Club.

Patronage Shares

Allow you to receive a percentage of the profits.

City Director Program

A new and innovative commercial concept.

Expansion Pool

A community monetary fund intended for distribution amongst all members.

The most important reason for forming a Global Digital Co-operative was to embody the true meaning of community by building an inclusive economy together.

Profit distribution

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GDC and what "all together as One" means.

In an increasingly interconnected world, where technological innovations surprise us with their speed, we bring together different participants under a single concept (GDC), each with their own goals and abilities. Global Digital Co-operative (GDC) is owned and managed by all of us; Customers, representatives and employees of the new GDC.

The organization is institutionally led by a Council of Ambassadors, who together with the Executive Committees interact with the developers, administrators and promoters of the cooperative's products. This co-existence is regulated in the GDC - Manual of Operations and Procedures, which was specially designed to organize relations between all members.

By forming the co-operative and combining the resources of all participants, a unique value offering was established for GDC voting shareholders, where each GDC division represents an evolution in their respective specialities and once combined creates the world's leading IT-based digital cooperative.

GDC's Members are owners and an integral part of the co-operative's future success. The most important reason for forming a Global Digital Co-operative was to embody the true meaning of community and offer our members a future together as one.

1/7 one in every 7 people in the world belongs to a co-operative
Represents in excess of $2,2 trillion USD worldwide.

Our members say

  • "Good Project to the future"
    - Pedro Monteiro
  • "Hasta el momento la atencion recivida de parte del GDC es increible, ya que constantemente van informando del progreso de todos los proyectos y nos mantienen a nosotros informados de todos los acontecimientos mediante la seccion de noticias y aparte los chats en linea junto con los foros con todas las respuestas."
    - Fernando David Ferreira Pestana
  • "Vai ser a melhor Cooperativa que todos temos de difundir para crescer cada vez mais"
    - Manuel Maria Caldeira Potes Cordovil
  • "Me gusta esta en etapa temprana pero se ve que tiene mucho potencial "
    - Santiago Arambulo
  • "A GDC estabelece uma estratégia muito consistente e de alcance global. É, não só uma grande oportunidade para todos os membros terem resultados financeiros incomuns, justos, legais e meritórios, mas também de fazermos parte de uma comunidade, uma família, com objetivos comuns. Somos todos juntos como um só. Amo isso demais."
    - Edilar Paulo Predabon
  • "GDC le brinda a las personas interesadas en forma parte de la cooperativa cuatro membresias que les permiten a estos afiiados recibir un porcentaje de las ganancias de GDC dependiendo la membresia que seleccionen. es una excelente opcion para formar parte del mundo del cooperativismo"
    - Alba Teresa Leon Vanegas
  • "Estou feliz por fazerparte desta familia que já é para mim a GDC. E por falar em familia tenho como membros alguns familiares, esposa, filhos e uma sobrinha."
    - Elisio Belo
  • ""La gente no suele reconocer una OPORTUNIDAD hasta que se la muestras". ¡Cuentale a tu familia,amigos y conocidos de GDC (la nueva Cooperativa Digital Global)! Todos merecemos una vida mejor y GDC tiene un inmenso potencial para mejorar nuestras economias. "
    - Armando Ruiz Correa