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Global Digital Cooperative

Under the cooperative model, focused on collective action and the power of the team, we create digital solutions that promote the personal and professional development of our members.

Each person who chooses to join the GDC community, whether as a user of the digital platforms or as part of our commercial team, develops within the framework of innovation and mutual benefit.

In this way, we create a solid environment of digital inclusion that finds its ideal support in the .coop seal .

Our purpose

Global Digital Cooperative pursues technological democratization , incorporating companies and individuals into the digital ecosystem.

From this perspective, it has two raisons d'être: on the one hand, to enable the digital inclusion of small and medium businesses, as well as independent professionals, in the global market . On the other hand , to promote the professionalization, training, and empowerment of people in the commercialization of high-end digital platforms , generating sustainable sources of income, and developing a professional, independent, and dignified work scheme.


Global Digital Cooperative

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Community

01 Innovation

It is the lens through which we carry out each of our developments, the DNA that nurtures Global Digital Cooperative. Under, a continuous improvement scheme we create digital solutions that are constantly reinventing themselves. Whether in relation to the technological features of our digital platforms, the commercial training we provide, or the human bond we have with each member, innovation represents the uninterrupted transformation we pursue.

Broadening our vision of the environment, understanding the needs of those around us, and maintaining a broad perspective on how we can take our products and services one step further is the key to our sustained growth.

02 Leadership

We assume this concept from empathy, the virtue of transforming and empowering other people's abilities, the power to create positive changes in the environment.

We understand leadership as a learned capacity, a value to be trained that expands and strengthens under the cooperative perspective. It implies getting rid of control mechanisms and rigid formulas to give way to the authentic creation of each member and to results based on lived experience. A model of integrity, identity, and personal commitment, which is nurtured as a team.

03 Professionalism

Training and coaching as a starting point.

We create qualified certifications specially designed for the members of the commercial team. We share all our knowledge in multiple formats with the objective of sustaining quality and warm advice. We promote the exchange of content from an ethical and profit-sharing position.

04 Community

We have developed a digital network that allows us to form communities on three scales: within GDC , fostering a model of collaboration and teamwork among each of the cooperative's members; in our immediate area of influence , through expansion programs that invite new members to join the GDC ecosystem; and, finally, , in the cooperative environment and our community in general, , making a positive impact on the societies in which we are inserted: from the creation of sources of employment, the supply of products that meet fundamental needs, digital inclusion, and business development, to the conscious and productive model we choose to achieve it.

Our History



Our history is characterized by looking at what is happening in the world, noticing those changes, understanding their demands, and developing proposals that are available to the community. In this way, we choose to position ourselves as proactive actors of each new paradigm, generating new and better ideas that are at the service of our society.



Thus was born our first creation, AmarillasInternet - AiYellow.com . The magic of the online connection was transforming the way we communicate and, consequently, the way we do business. From that perspective, we understood that printed directories would lose their usefulness and we decided to bet on the evolution of the Yellow Pages concept. We combined the strength of direct sales with the potential of Internet advertising and as a result, we became the first company to address the advertising market under this concept.



Continuing the philosophy of increasing the benefits for our advertisers, we developed Amawebs, an intelligent website builder that allowed us to offer more than 40,000 small businesses advertising in our directories, the possibility of obtaining a self-managed website, totally free of charge.



The Internet universe continued to diversify, and we decided to implement cutting-edge solutions, we immersed ourselves in the world of mobile applications. From this research came UbiZ, a business loyalty tool that, when presented to the market, had more than 250,000 registered companies.



With the aim of continuing to grow and take advantage of the infinite possibilities that technology offered us, in 2019 we founded Global Digital Coop, the first global digital cooperative, registered in Minnesota, United States.

Under this new proposal, I needed to merge our entire business and learning environment into its hallmark. Global Digital Coopertative unites more than 750.000 companies and independent professionals in its institutional environment, consolidating a broad business ecosystem: more than one million registered members, digital advertising products, a mobile application and a proprietary community exchange token called the Yellow Trading Coin (YTC).

In addition, thanks to its global character , it offers the possibility of developing from anywhere in the world, connecting people and expanding horizons, facilitating an equitable, productive and democratic exchange.



After its creation, new technological innovations were incorporated into its universe. In the context of upcoming digitalization and living through a health crisis that boosted technological mediation as the communication mode par excellence, we began to devise a new form of commercial presentation, 100% digital: OrbitCard, the business card that is proposed as a milestone of innovation in the business world.



OrbitCard was joined by Market Coop, an online commerce store that enables the sale of new and used products and services of different types in a secure environment, and LuckyCenter, a gaming platform that builds customer loyalty and enhances the sense of belonging to the brand.



With six technological developments currently gathered in the Digital 360 Subscription, GDC not only promotes digital inclusion but also generates numerous sources of income for thousands of families around the world, who decided to train to become protagonists of the digital revolution. A great team of entrepreneurs who listen, advise and interact with each of their clients in a dedicated and responsible way.



With all our active and constantly updated developments, we are confident of a very promising future. Our success lies in a simple conviction: we believe in the potential of each of our members to revolutionize realities through innovation and technology.

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  • Excelente asesoramiento 100000% RECOMENDADO

    AiYellow - Advertiser
  • Excelente ambiente y muy buena disposición de la comunidad para ayudar a los nuevos

    Lautaro Lizio
    GDC Members - Member
  • Excelente Gdc, agradecida por la oportunidad de pertenecer a tan prestigiosa cooperativa, me siento afortunada de poder luchar de manera firme por mi futuro por medio de ustedes, dare lo mejor para cumplir con las metas y actividades pautadas, gracias totales.!

    Magdibia Brito
    GDC Members - Member
  • Soy Miembro premium Estoy muy contenta de ser participe de GDC, un espacio en el cual estoy pudiendo desarrollarme profesional y económicamente, junto a personas con gran capacidad creativa, proactiva y bondadosas. Las reuniones por zoom son muy cálidas, y se aprende, por ende sirven para seguir desarrollándose a nivel comunidad.

    Carla Pino
    GDC Members - Member
  • Estou gostando muito GDC e maravilhoso fazer parte da comunidade.

    Gidione Aguiar
    GDC Members - Member
  • Buenos días! Iniciando en la Cooperativa, aprendiendo desde ya, la verdad que se vislumbra una posibilidad de contactar gente de todos lados del mundo! Una herramienta completa para comercializar nuestros productos o servicios dentro y fuera de cada país!

    Marcelo Américo Delgado
    GDC Members - Member

    Mónica Hernández
    GDC Members - Member
  • É um prazer enorme ser membro premium elite da gdc.coop, pois me permite fazer breves actividades diárias muito simples, e ganhar pontos para trocar por moedas ytc. obrigado

    Marta Diz
    GDC Members - Member
  • Como nuevos Miembros de GDC estamos orgullosos de pertenecer a esta gran comunidad que en Argentina comienza a desarrollarse, a trabajar con todo para que seamos muchos los miembros en mi país

    GDC Members - Member
  • Inicialmente ingrese como socio Standar , y con la ayuda de Karem logre volverme socio membresia premium y poder disfurtar de los mejores beneficios que me puede dar la o ahora nuestra cooperativa, sin embargo estare preparandome para subir a socio Elite. gracias por darme la oportunidad de pertenecer a la cooperativa.

    GDC Members - Member
  • Honestly, I really want to thank and appreciate the GDC Coop. for putting up something like this to improve and impact the lives many. All the tasks and activities are so easy to preform. Thank you so much for this great opportunity!!.

    Mercy Omore Ikweku
    GDC Members - Member

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