GDC Tools

GDC makes available to all its members a series of tools to facilitate the development of their activities, in a simple and practical environment.

We are pleased to inform you that all Premium and Elite memberships have been fully allocated. If you are interested in acquiring a membership, there are only two options available: obtain it from an active member who wishes to transfer it or join our waiting list.

We are working hard to enhance the benefits of our associates with the implementation of an institutional advertising tool, exclusively for members. The launch of the new additional benefits will be on July 3rd, 2023.

We thank you for your interest and understanding at this time as we work to provide you with a high-value experience at GDC.

Stay up to date on the latest news and future opportunities to join our community.

Co-op Smart Office (CSO)

All Standard, Premium and Premium Elite members get a unique identification number and an exclusive Co-Op Smart Office (CSO).

The CSO is an intelligent digital environment that offers all the features necessary to receive the benefits granted by memberships. Not all CSOs have the same features, as each participant has a different level of permissions according to their Membership and activity. The CSO is an intelligent, user-tailored management system in real-time.

  • Access data

  • Personal Information

  • Upgrade Request

  • GDC News

  • Patronage Shares

  • Activities

  • Pools

  • GDC Clubes

  • GDC Academy

  • Documents

YTC Wallet

The YTC wallet is a secure device for sending, receiving, and storing Global Digital Cooperative (GDC) community exchange tokens. All GDC members, irrespective of which membership, will automatically have a YTC wallet, which will further strengthen the exchange within our vast community, which initially has 800,000 YTC wallets worldwide.

YTC Wallet is an enormous guarantee for the management of all the City Director Program (CDP) business units. Users will have at their disposal a simplistic, flexible and reliable mechanism with which to carry out the necessary transactions. The Wallet will enable traders and consumers of all our products and services to use YTC within the community

GDC Notification Centre

It is a system designed to keep all the GDC members updated on the information they should receive since they registered with the Co-operative, as well as the latest news and implementations. It serves to be a general reminder function from the SmartOffice as well.

GDC Statistics Center

The evolution of GDC, always at your fingertips

We work with a community philosophy driven by transparency. Therefore, our members and users always have access to the statistics page, where we publish completely and dynamically, the most relevant data in the evolution of GDC, Commercialized City Directors and members incorporated into our units business, among other information.


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