Franchise: a model that works

The Coop Dynamic Program proposes a franchise system for the commercialization of the 360 Digital Subscription and the Full Upgrade version of the digital platforms.

By acquiring a franchise you gain the security of integrating a successful business activity, with international expansion, technical and visibility material available and the support of a large cooperative network that boosts the image of Global Digital Cooperative in the world.

Global Digital Cooperative

One cooperative.
Two types of franchises.
Endless opportunities.

City Franchise

A model that works.

By acquiring it, you obtain the exclusive representation of the Full Upgrade Version of a GDC digital platform in the chosen city, anywhere in the world.

The role of the City Franchisee is to create and increase the cadre of promoters while providing them with 360 Digital Subscription codes and the Full Upgrade Version of the platform they represent, positioning themselves as the sole seller of the platform in their city.

Regional Franchise

A model that works.

This commercialization model allows the franchisee to assume the exclusive representation of the 360 Digital Subscription and the Full Upgrade Version of all digital platforms, in the province or state of their choice.

Their role is to provide all Franchisees in the cities established in their region with the 360 Digital Subscription and the Full Upgrade Version of the digital platforms, being the only position that markets directly with GDC.

Minute by minute, new people are choosing to join this large community of franchisees

Last franchises

  • Nelson Gerardo Pinilla Paez Villa de Leiva, Colombia - AiYellow
  • Javier Antonio Vargas Buitrago San Salvador, El Salvador - AiYellow
  • Dominga Antonia Buitrago Lizcano Valledupar, Colombia - AiYellow
  • Isaac Salem Lima, Peru - Orbit Card
  • Carlos Alberto Gallo Restrepo Barranquilla, Colombia - GDC UbiZ
  • Augusto Gerardo Vega González San Lorenzo, Paraguay - AiYellow
  • Luz Marina Santos Martinez Santiago de Cali, Colombia - MarketCoop
  • Hyperion Italia Caltanissetta, Italy - AiYellow
  • Irving Billigue Los Angeles, United States - GDC UbiZ
  • Ryvin Chatvisalphat ชลบุรี, Thailand - Amawebs
  • Carlos Valera Caracas, Venezuela - AiYellow
  • Corporacion Buen Dia Sac Arequipa, Peru - AiYellow
  • David Espinosa Ovalle Mosquera, Colombia - GDC Lucky Center
  • Avelino Dias Barcelos, Portugal - GDC UbiZ
  • Rosana Matute Franka Pampatar, Venezuela - AiYellow
  • Gustavo Adolfo Gómez Galvis Medellín, Colombia - GDC UbiZ
  • Eliana Monasterios Ciudad de Panamá, Panama - Amawebs
  • Fredy Hernan Sanchez Velasquez Medellín, Colombia - GDC Lucky Center
  • Roberto Exposito Vierna Telde, Spain - AiYellow

Cooperative franchises.

An innovative concept,
with collective spirit.

Both types of franchises can be acquired cooperatively by up to five people, sharing their costs and taking advantage of the benefits of team collaboration.

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