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Global Digital Co-operative is an opportunity for those who want to develop in the digital business world.

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How to join

To be part of Global Digital Coop (GDC) you must receive an invitation from a Standard, Premium, or Premium Elite member.

Registration is completely free and can only be done by those who receive, via email, an invitation link.


An upgrade is an improvement to a newer or full version of a product. In GDC standard members have an opportunity to perform two upgrades:

From Standard to Premium Membership

The upgrade has a once-off initial cost of US$ 30 as an entrance fee and bi-annual maintenance fee of US$ 25 biannual.

From Premium to Premium Elite Membership

It has an initial cost of $250 as a one-time paid income fee,lifetime membership and is exempt from a maintenance fee.

Both upgrades are performed within the Co-op Smart Office.

Standard Membership
UPGRADE USD30 + USD 25 Every 6 months
Premium Membership
Premium Membership
UPGRADE USD250 No maintenance fee
Premium Elite Membership


At Global Digital Cooperative we have a digital document that accredits our Premium and Premium Elite members.

The GDC card allows identification with your personal data, your membership type, your location, email and a QR code that you can forward to your phone number.

It is obtained through an application available in the Co-op Smart Office. The members will be able to create a profile, complete the required information and obtain their electronic card.

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