Our success lies in our ability to work as a collective.

More than a company, a global community

We are the first and most prominent, B2B and B2C community within the concept of the Internet Yellow Pages.

The customers receive a free version of the product with basic essential features, They then have the opportunity to request a paid upgrade to enjoy100% of the features.


Advertising agents worldwide


Active Directors, Globally.


Advertisers on 5 continents


Years of expertise in the marketplace

The advantages of the Directors Program offer.

This model has unique features, including:

Complete analysis of market needs Development of the product idea Presentation to the AiYellow community

How do we do it?

All the products we sell are in-house developments. The technology, functionality and design related to each of the products, is the result of a multi-disciplined, collaborative work effort between the different divisions that make up the Company. Thereby allowing us to grow and continually improve, keeping us at the forefront of the Yellow Pages Industry.

  • 1,000% profitability.

    With all our products that you have to offer in your exclusive City, you receive 1000% profitability.

  • Translated into more than 15 languages.

    Our platform adapts to more than 15 languages operating correctly throughout the world, efficiently indexing the ads.

  • In ex excess of 100 years of combined experience, in the Market.

    We know the diverse requirements of our audiences, their online behaviour, their needs and their search patterns.

  • Permanent dedication

    We consistently receive feedback through contact with our advertisers around the world, understanding their needs, thereby helping us generate new and better solutions.

Interested in acquiring a Directorship?

To begin, the candidate must participate in an online business presentation and then schedule a private meeting with a Marketing VP appointed by GDC.

The timetable for the language and location of the City Director Program's business presentations