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Assisted system

Email Marketing


Events and Workshops


What is outsourcing?

It is a practice, based on hiring an outside team to perform tasks or services that would normally be executed by the company's own staff.

By leaving certain specific tasks in the hands of experts, optimizing time, costs and results, the company personnel can focus on the core aspects of the business.

Outsourcing of non-essential activities can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the company itself.

Assisted system

The assisted system aims to support the City Directors team individually in the implementation, development and expansion of the Freemium system proposed by the CDP corporate team.

The City Director can participate in online training meetings or directly contact those responsible for more information.

These services can be contracted individually or jointly according to the requirements of the City Director.

If you wish to obtain personalized services from a Strategic Advisor to coordinate the entire outsourcing strategy, do not hesitate to participate in the online free meetings.

Hiring a Strategic Advisor individually is a fact that can grow your business exponentially.

Email Marketing

Companies specializing in email marketing offer the City Director the creation of massive campaigns by city to attract potential customers.

With a series of previously selected emails, the City Director can acquire the power that this system offers. The main objective is to increase the database of participants in each business unit and encourage them to request direct contact to receive more information on how to improve their product.


A company by Continent that works synchronously worldwide, with a specially trained commercial team and with extensive knowledge regarding each product marketed in the CDP, only to communicate with customers who have previously requested direct contact.

This team once commissioned. receives a percentage of the actual sales made. Their mission is to transform free advertisers into Premium advertisers, detailing all the benefits that these premium products have for each business unit.

Events and Workshops

An event and workshop department invites customers from all business units to actively participate in business events.

By using the group model, all of them benefit as the city grows in the number of participants, regardless of the business unit in which it participates.

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