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Pro Data Base System

E-learning System

Support Center

Webinars on Demand

Communication Center

Exclusive benefits for City Directors

One of the benefits is a range of tools to help manage the business, all in one place!

The main factors that determine the commercial success achieved by the City Directors, is product of the strategy used to address the local market.

For that, each Director obtains in the smartoffice access to special tools designed to accompany the commercial development.

Communication Center

Communication in our community is a concept that has been gaining importance in recent years. This concept encompasses all the methods and tools used to transmit and share information of great importance that brings many benefits, both in the work process and in the results.

The Director receives,all times, the information in a much faster, more efficient and updated way.

Support Center

The City Director Program Support Center is the area where the City Director can contact the company's operations sector, it is a space at your disposal made up of trained Assistants to perform with agility and precision the tasks for which they were selected.

The Support Center is a tool that provides comprehensive solutions to all Directors through the smartoffice and also has a history to keep track of their queries as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

E-learning System

The e-Learning program is a virtual online system, designed for an effective education and training experience, so that you always have the necessary tools to support your business.
The system contains two main modules:

• The first module is a complete library of electronic books with all available products and services.

• The second module is an interactive multi-stage test system that, once successfully completed, issues a qualification certification that gives you the assurance of being trained on all aspects of the business.

The ultimate goal of the program is a complete understanding of the entire system.

Webinars on Demand

It is a space of strategic advice to conquer the local market.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Strategic Advisors will conduct webinars in different languages and schedules to help you conquer the local market using the Freemium sales model.
Our Strategic Advisors will answer all your questions and queries live.

The City Director from his intelligent office in access to special tools, will be able to enter this space specially designed so that he can visualize the calendar of each of the trainings of the Strategic Advisors.

Pro Data Base System

The Pro Data Base System or also known as the Database Exchange Center allows you to access all the information in your area, meet each merchant and expand your business.
It is a total synergy system that works among all business units.

The City Director has direct access to the database of his city, made up of the clients of all the others

The way to develop and work this database is taught by the Strategic Advisors on the webinars of each week.

Our presence in the world

Every day new members are added from all over the world as City Directors of the City Director Program.
Meet the members by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location that is of interest to you.

  • Amara Penny
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    GDC UbiZ
  • Juan Bonilla
    Arraiján, Panama
  • Gustavo De Jesus Muñoz Montoya
    Calarcá, Colombia
    Orbit Card
  • Maria Del C Garcia
    Orlando, United States
    GDC UbiZ
  • Jose Guadalupe Alvarez Andazola
    Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Geovanny Arce Sibaja
    San José, Costa Rica
  • Efren Caicedo
    Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Online Marketing
    Espinho, Portugal
  • Claudia Patricia Lozano Medina
    Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Leather
  • David Espinosa Ovalle
    Soacha, Colombia
  • Irving Billigue
    Los Angeles, United States
    Orbit Card
  • JJose Galvis
    Pitalito, Colombia
  • Laura Cardona
    Villa del Rosario, Colombia
  • Graciela Barrera
    Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC UbiZ
  • Maria Elena Giraldo Vargas
    Popayán, Colombia
  • Andrea Nerina Cervin
    Bahía Blanca, Argentina
    GDC YellowPages - Speedway
  • Beniamino Pagan-Torres
    New York City, United States
    GDC UbiZ
  • Shirley Tatiana Sánchez Jaureguizar
    Lima, Peru
  • Pairush Wannasudhi
    Krung Thep, Thailand
  • Paulo Ferreira
    Ribeirão, Brazil
    Orbit Card
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