A New and Powerful Business Model that
pays 1000% Profits!

City Director Program

Delivers a new and powerful business program

The classic franchise model markets represent $2,000,000,000,000 (2 trillions of dollars)
Which is equivalent to the 4th largest economy in the world. The GDC model, with the City Director Program, is more powerful, simple and offers greater profitability.

The City Director Program of GDC is the evolution of franchises, transformed into commercial licenses and adapted to a cooperative scheme, much simpler and more powerful than the classic model.

The City Director Program presents a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, providing a new community conception, seeking personal development and the benefit of members of the Cooperative.

Development and implementation of the City Director Program

Step 1

The GDC technology development laboratory selects a product, develops and implements it and then presents it as a new Business Unit.

Step 2

Using the City Director Program model, a Marketing VP selects a candidate and grants him/her the exclusive Directorate of a city to market the Business Unit.

Step 3

The candidate becomes a City Director and may market the new Business Unit within the chosen city. It is also presented to the GDC community.

Business model

The City Director Program (CDP) is a turnkey business system offered to entrepreneurs who want to develop their own business and take advantage of GDC’s proven business system. This model has unique features, including:

  • City Directors are granted an exclusive city of their choice with no investment required.

  • City Directors are personally appointed by the Vice Presidents of Marketing.

  • City Directors have a 15 year agreement for their division per city of their choice.

  • City Directors are listed on the GDC website with the cities they are granted.

  • City Directors are provided with a full turnkey business system available 24/7

  • City Directors make an excellent 1000% profit on all products.

Contract for 15 years

Director by city and unit

Loren ipsum

Official presentation in GDC

Smart Office included

1,000% profit

No initial investment Support system Product exclusivity No physical space required Automatic Marketing Affordable maintenance fee

Program for entrepreneurs

CDP is a program designed especially for new entrepreneurs. It offers unique possibilities to develop a business exclusively in a city or several cities, with a business model already proven in the market: the Freemium system, used today by the largest companies in the world.

This program maximizes the growth possibilities of new entrepreneurs who become City Directors of our business units, thanks to benefits such as the following:

  • It does not require any kind of initial investment.

  • It does not require a physical space for the development of the business.

  • You have a monthly maintenance fee of only $30 on YTC.

  • Receives exclusivity in the marketing of the products of the different business units of the company.

  • It is practically an automated sales system. Once free ads are registered, the email marketing system will make customers aware of the advantages offered by Premium products and encourage them to upgrade.

  • It has a support system with tools such as email marketing, telemarketing, strategic advisors that offer training in sales strategies, live and online training, workshops, among others.

Why apply for the City Director Program?

Here are some of the benefits you receive with any of our City Director Programs.


You receive the City Director Program directly from GDC, the creators of the concept.


City Director Programs are exclusive and are awarded to only one candidate per city in each business division.


As a City Director, you become part of the GDC Corporate Staff.

1,000% MARKUP

1,000% profitability on all products, City Director Program breaking records!


The "City Director" areas are granted, not sold. Nor do we charge commissions or royalties on your sales


Contracts are valid for 15 years, with no penalty for early termination.


The extraordinary benefits of the systems are, divided amongst all the Directors, even transferring amounts of less than 1 dollar per day.


We offer state-of-the-art and exclusive technology products that are recognised globally.


We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the tech Industry.


We use the most powerful sales system, the Freemium model. The clients register free and can then request an upgrade.


You have high tech tools at your disposal to help you improve your business continually.


With exclusive access, you receive a fully programmed smart office designed to assist you in accomplishing your work efficiently.

FREE PREMIUM(with steroids)

By upgrading from Free to Premium, will enable the City Director to activate new tools and services for their customers.

We use the successful Freemium model

The same system that has built many companies into Multi-Billion dollar giants.

Here we offer your customers a fully functional, free product, or service.

The free version, provides your customers with a fully functional product or service with basic features, and which they can upgrade to obtain a 100% full version of the product.

The objective is to invite and enroll large numbers of free members through the Freemuim model. Then, through various marketing methods and systems, motivate them to upgrade to a full featured product with greater and better performance.

Building a local market

Developing the local market with our business units has always been our main focus. That is why we have created the City Directors Program in order to create deep local market penetration and develop it to its full potential.

By building locally we are positoning to expand globally. The sum of local actions positions us strongly at an international level.

We are able to expand quickly as our digital products and services are mobile and web app based platforms. This means all our products and services are delivered instantly and profits are paid immediately. This is a fundamental factor in the City Directors model, a feature that differentiates us from the rest.

Advertising Agents
City Director Program
Marketing VP

Software development

Global Synergy

The City Director Program operates under the same philosophy as in the Cooperative: all members work for the same goal, which is the massive and global success of the brand.

For this reason, we develop our activities in synergy with all City Directors, who provide suggestions, successful experiences, ideas and new strategies on a constant basis.

This synergy is supported by our Strategic Advisors, who organize weekly webinars; a forum where the community places their questions and answers; GDC's official social media and a whole set of tools that connect City Directors with the same common goal: the success and expansion of our program.

Referral program

The referral program is an incentive system for City Director Program members, who receive special promotions for recommending new CEOs or City directors, from any division or business unit, in any city of the world.

The current City Directors can provide the greatest feedback on how a successful business is, achieved and broadcast it to other entrepreneurs who may also become City Directors, contributing to the expansion of Global Digital Cooperative (GDC).

The intention is to expand the concept of CDP through the people who are already involved in this process by developing its business model. These people already have knowledge, experiences and become real testimonies of the success of the program.

When referring to new City Directors, those who participate in this program receive compensation that is usually gifted in products for marketing, through special promotions, including 2x1 or 3x1, depending on the number of Referrals.

The CDP referral program represents the true cooperative spirit: the directors benefit, individually, and also GDC, as a whole.

Our global presence

Every day new members are added from all over the world as City Directors of the City Director Program.
Meet the members by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location that is of interest to you.

  • Guillermo Lombana
    Pasto, Colombia
    Orbit Card
  • Guilherme Freitas
    Mogi-Gaucu, Brazil
    Orbit Card
  • Luz Elena Jiménez Gaitán
    Fusagasuga, Colombia
  • Lucy Higuera
    Milagro, Ecuador
  • Nelson Gerardo Pinilla Paez
    Ubaté, Colombia
  • Vitor Costa
    Barcelos, Portugal
    Orbit Card
    Ciudad de México, Mexico
  • Pastora Toro Cardona
    Armenia, Colombia
    Orbit Card
  • Paulo Ferreira
    Ribeirão, Brazil
  • Laura Croukamp
    Lephalale, South Africa
  • Audrey Greyling
    Benoni, South Africa
  • Elsa Cave
    Santa Marta, Colombia
    Orbit Card
  • Maria Graça
    Natal, Brazil
    Orbit Card
  • Jorge Duran
    Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Cainem - Natalia Gil
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    GDC Lucky Center
  • Marzio Francisco Dos Santos
    Itaberaí, Brazil
  • Gutemberg De Lima Ferreira
    Nova Iguaçu, Brazil
  • Jaime Ortega Perez
    Medellín, Colombia
    Orbit Card
  • Group Reynols
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Rosa Belinda Jimenez Gonzalez
    Soledad, Colombia