Cooperative Franchise

An innovative and unique co-growth model
in the digital market.

Coop Franchises

With this new concept, entrepreneurs from all over the world can develop their businesses under a shared management structure.

At GDC, we propose a successful commercial structure, supported by our more than 30 years of experience in digital business.

This model represents the combination of our knowledge in the field with the possibility of self-employment without having to make a large investment. For our franchisees worldwide, it is an opportunity for independence and business development.

Digital work is already a reality, and being the first Global Digital Cooperative, we frame it in a participatory economy in a new and inclusive way.

A New Form of Capital:
The Cooperative Digital Ecosystem

Through cooperativism, the implementation of franchises is consolidated in a stable way and with business projection. At GDC, we provide the necessary resources to direct the digital work within the cooperative model, upholding its values and principles, sharing risks, and maximising profits.

As a cooperative platform, we promote the commercial identity of the business and support policies of participation, solidarity, and teamwork towards every member of this great ecosystem.

In this way, we democratise digital businesses, moving away from the false belief that they are executed in a lonely and confrontational way. This allows us to transform the concept of a traditional cooperative, and take a great leap towards modernity in completely new segments that demonstrate their day-to-day growth, marked by technology and digitalisation.

This unique business organisation has shown greater resilience when faced with socioeconomic crises, as it promotes employment and links new generations and professionals from the digital market to the strong cooperative movement. It enables us to replace vertical structures with a decentralised model based on the philosophy of the common good.

As the great global channel that we stand for digital work, our differential is to offer a double function to those entrepreneurs, companies, and people who are already or wish to develop in the digital business market: on the one hand, to generate value through of our services and manage the business units that are within this great universe, and on the other, seek a quality employment model that allows each of our franchisees to grow personally and professionally in community.

What Do We Say When We Talk About Coop Franchises?


The possibility of global development in an environment that promotes and accompanies. It is a model that encourages personal and professional development together with other entrepreneurs, with mutual support and cooperative growth.


All of our business units are currently operating companies. Coop Franchises are solid for developing in a market that is already profitable. In addition, we have more than 30 years in digital business that provide the necessary support and confidence to each member of GDC.


Cooperative Franchises offer the possibility of generating profits from the first moment. Through them, it is possible to access a successful business, which allows commercial positioning without the need to make a large financial investment.


It is a sustainable business over time. Our track record of credibility within the digital market enables long-term expansion and development, generating more jobs and profits for our societies.


The freedom to be independent, deciding working days and hours, combined with the institutional support of an organisation that has been in the market for years, breaks with the false paradigm that digital work cannot be within the collaborative economy and offers a safe and supportive framework to each member of GDC.


An inclusive and democratic approach that strengthens in digital businesses thanks to the cooperative model. Economic growth goes hand in hand with cooperative values and principles, which support honesty, social responsibility, fairness, and solidarity as fundamental pillars.


At GDC through communal peer-production, members can freely organise around their goals, sharing the cooperative's resources and tools. In this way, the individual and creative potential of every franchisee is multiplied exponentially in combination with others. It is a great collective force that adds value.