Online platform for the purchase and sale of YTCs

We make buying and selling YTCs easy!

GDC Exchange allows Cooperative members to sell and/or purchase YTCs. An exchange platform with the highest levels of security. Manageable and easy to use.

Why does our platform work?

Trade YTC instantly

It allows users to exchange their tokens for tangible money. Through the ewallet you can exchange YTC for dollars with another person.

Secure, Private & Confidential

All transactions are secured by our fail-safe security system.

Flexible exchange

It allows you to use several different payment methods, including your local currency, to buy or sell.

Simple and Fast

It guarantees the online commercial exchange of YTC between people from all over the world.


It allows online transactions to places outside the reach of the traditional banking industry.

Payment Methods

It can support any form of payment that our user community supports.

GDC Exchange Platform






Active Brokers


YTC transferred

Advantages of our exclusive Exchange

Global Digital Coop Utility Token - GDC

B2B-B2C transactions

YTC will be used in daily B2B and B2C transactions within the platforms of the City Director Program (CDP)

P2P transactions

YTC will be used in daily P2P transactions within the GDC Exchange and its entire ecosystem.

The numbers speak for themselves

3,805,803,692 YTC in circulation as a means of payment accepted by the world's largest digital cooperative GDC.

Mass market

1,114,737 Members in 8,503 cities in 229 countries around the world.

About us

GDC Exchange is a Business Unit of the City Director Program, of the Global Digital Cooperative (GDC). On its web platform, it will be possible to exchange the Yellow Trading Coin (YTC) community token, created by the international company AiYellow in 2018 and adopted by GDC.

The objective of the GDC Exchange is to provide a financial market for the exchange of YTC peer to peer. To do this, it brings together specialists in economics, finance, technology and marketing, who develop an effective platform aimed at accompanying the GDC business ecosystem.

GDC Exchange offers, in a secure and simple way, a direct exchange through electronic payments, making the process simple, immediate and agile.

How does it work?

GDC Exchange is a platform that offers its users a peer-to-peer YTC exchange service.

Users only need to register to use the platform. There they will be able to create ads where they offer to buy or sell YTC. When other users respond to these announcements, they will have the opportunity to complete the online exchange. It is also possible to arrange a meeting to exchange tokens for cash.

For a user to sell YTC, they must store their tokens in the GDC Exchange web wallet belonging to their account, from where they can transfer them to another user, once they have confirmed the payment.

Last registered

  • *Orotava Aguacates* Mayorista De Aguacates En Tenerife
    orotava, spain
  • *Quiagro Tenerife S.A* Maquinaria Agrícola En Tenerife
    san cristóbal de la laguna, spain
  • Pinturas Colormax
    quevedo, ecuador
  • *Distribuciones Méndez Tenerife*Fábrica De Cocinas Tenerife
    san cristóbal de la laguna, spain
  • Merlyn Marcillo Academia De Maquillaje
    quevedo, ecuador
  • Desarrollo Publicitario
    quevedo, ecuador
  • Multiservicios Julio García
    baruta, venezuela
  • Laboratorio Clinico Medilabden
    quevedo, ecuador
  • Only You Beauty Salon
    nelspruit, south africa
  • Optica Mia Bucaramanga
    bucaramanga, colombia
  • Almadogat Veterinaria & Grooming Pet´S
    quito, ecuador
  • Unidad Educativa Albert Einstein - Milagro
    milagro, ecuador
  • Casa Las Palmas Hotel Boutique San Andres
    san andrés, colombia
  • *Agener* Análisis De Agua, Climatización, Placas Solares
    los realejos, spain
  • Almacén Y Taller De Amortiguadores Cjs
    santafé de bogotá, colombia
  • Vidrialum Y Aceros El Paisa Cali
    santiago de cali, colombia
  • Grupo Académico Panadero Pastelero, Gapp C.A.
    baruta, venezuela
  • Electricos Y Ferreteria Cyga
    bucaramanga, colombia
  • Dra. Daniela Coello - Pediatra
    cuenca, ecuador
  • Petshop Petscompany
    bucaramanga, colombia

The evolution of GDC Exchange

Beginning, present and future


Directory creation
February 2013

We began to observe the great mass and global influence of social networks, and we decided to create a product with a unique profile, which would include only information from social network profiles. A free space, which will award prizes and incentives to its participants, with a viral expansion component: friends inviting friends.

Once again the slogan "Innovation is in our DNA 'gained strength.


Allocation of funds for NGOs
2016 to 2018

With more than one million confirmed and verified records, the GDC White Pages find their ultimate goal: to raise funds to help those in need.

Based on the developed platform, we created ClickToHelp and AuctionsToHelp, totally innovative programs aimed at helping people in vulnerable situations or NGOs.

As we saw the first results, the motivation of the team continued to grow and we defined a goal tailored to our wishes: to make AiWhitePages a reliable platform for the collection and redistribution of resources worldwide.


Donations in exchange for advertising
2018 to 2021

The paradigm shift had been announced and was finally fulfilled in the United States. The online advertising pattern widely surpassed that of television.

Faced with this trend, and always guided by the need and desire to help, we have decided to allocate a part of our advertising income to solidarity aid.

This wish is possible, and if you decide to join our team, you will be welcome. Because we cannot do it alone, but together, we can carry out this formula that generates prosperity.

Our presence in the world

Every day new members join throughout the world as Directors of the City Manager City Program.
Get to know them by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location of your interest.

Latest Registered Directors

  • Huberto Balanzar Sagrero
    Cuauhtémoc, Mexico
  • Maria Elena Giraldo Vargas
    Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Digital City
  • Manuel Cerveira
    Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
  • Pedro Nel Paez Pinilla
    Chiquinquirá, Colombia
  • Jesús Castro Martín
    Orotava, Spain
  • Tanakorn Lukwongarcheep
    พัทยา, Thailand
  • Rui Torres
    Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Ricardo Daniel Porte
    Ciudad de Neuquén, Argentina
  • Andrea Nerina Cervin
    Vicente López, Argentina
  • Augusto Gerardo Vega González
    Colonia Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay
  • Francisco José Roque Tiago Roque
    Vitória, Brazil
    Registro, Brazil
  • Andrés Raúl Navarro Rúa
    Palmira, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - SMEs
    Tarija, Bolivia
  • Federico Veyga
    Berazategui, Argentina
    YTC Unit
  • Romina Kalas
    Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
    YTC Unit
  • Javier Varela Pineda
    Cajicá, Colombia
  • MARTA Juncos
    Ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina
    YTC Unit
  • Romina Kalas
    Mar del Plata, Argentina
    YTC Unit
  • Antonio Alvarado
    Las Cruces, United States

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