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A complex business ecosystem that begins with more than 1,000,000 registered businesses in its business units, in almost 300 cities in 140 countries.

Why GDC Marketplace?

GDC Marketplace Online is the world’s best place to buy and sell products and services on the Internet. Millions of members can sell their products, new or used, or offer services to a huge local or international community. Both individuals and businesses worldwide.

GDC Marketplace connects buyers and sellers and all transactions are done directly, securely and peer to peer, without intermediaries.

In all the Marketplace operations we use our YTC community exchange token, favouring transactions and revaluing money.





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Benefits for Merchants

Opens a huge new Local City and International Market to sell your products

Merchants who sell their products on GDC Marketplace now have the advantage of offering special promotions.

Global reach

Have your own Marketplace, international brand and global reach.

Subscriptions totally free.

Being a member of GDC you can publish your articles in the Marketplace or find what you need.

Publish new or used items.

Publish what you want to buy or sell.

GDC backup

Marketplace offers services in a safe and reliable environment, connecting buyers and sellers.

100% YTC

Being able to buy and sell all products with 100 % of YTC.

Liquidation of Stock

Promotion to settle a stock of products about to expire.

Seasonal Promotion

Special out of season promotions.

Large global reach.

In addition, they can have advertising spaces distributed throughout the virtual store, with different formats and locations.

GDC Marketplace provides millions of new potential customers for the businesses in your city.

GDC Marketplace assigns Executive City Director promoters whose job is to create a Local Marketplace in each city, connecting city merchants with YTC token holders.

Assigned Executive City Directors benefit by earning a transaction fee from every buy or sell transaction made with YTC in their designated city. They also earn substantial profits from advertising sales.

Executive City Directors promote to all businesses and merchants in their City and invite them to register their business on the Marketplace. Businesses receive great exposure, and have the added benefit of accepting full or partial YTC tokens in exchange for their products.

Executive City Directors are granted an exclusive city or territory in GDC Marketplace at no cost other than an annual 300 USD website maintenance and virtual office fee.

To acquire an Executive Directorship in the GDC Marketplace, the Executive Director will pay a value of USD 300, valid for 1 year in his area for absolute exclusivity.


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About us

GDC offers a web service that provides the tools for communities to establish and manage exchange and commerce in their areas, combining conventional means of payment (credit cards, debit, transfers, among others) with others) with YTC lostTokens, through a large virtual store (e-commerce).

On our Marketplace, merchants will be able to publish their products at no cost, agreeing to receive part or all of the payment with YTC tokens.

Therefore, token holders will be tempted to exchange their YTCs on such purchase.

Latest registered advertisers

  • Carpas Hawai
    cali, colombia
  • Leidy Herrera Alta Peluquería
    santiago de cali, colombia
  • Geckostudioweb
    ciudad de guatemala, guatemala
  • Restaurante Campestre Morgan
    salónica, colombia
  • Construcción-Remodelaciones-Diseño Interior-Obras Civiles
    cali, colombia
  • Alpha Diesel And Petrol Mechanical
    springs, south africa
  • Alfrantex Confecciones
    quito, ecuador
  • Corporacion García
    quito, ecuador
  • Produruiz Cm&D Filtros Y Purificadores De Agua
    quito, ecuador
  • talk2me Cellular
    bloemfontein, south africa
  • Kriel Rigging Services
    secunda, south africa
  • Electrodomésticos Viejo King La Isla
    bucaramanga, colombia
  • Servicio Tecnico El Costeñito
    quito, ecuador
  • Tienda De Regalos Y Globos Tot Un Mon
    puerto de sagunto, spain
  • Queen Suites Guesthouse Springs
    springs, south africa
  • Multiservicios Automotrices Jm
    quito, ecuador
  • Tratamiento De Enfermedades Incurables
    quito, ecuador
  • Veterinaria & Peluquería Canina
    quito, ecuador
  • Bakery Cafe Street Food Rethymno - Εστιατόριο Καφέ Ρέθυμνο
    rethymno, greece
  • Calzado Dama Dgioneth Shoes
    floridablanca, colombia

La evolución de GDC Marketplace

Beginning, present and future


Launching the application
June, 2015

The idea arises by actively participating in some Baters platforms in Pattaya where we were invited to exchange with our excellent AI Yellow ads and where we exchange these for all types of merchandise, products and services such as: food in restaurants, hotel accommodations and resorts etc.

Many of the members in Thailand managed to make large volumes of exchange sales by using a scoring system to be able to rate and match products on the exchanges.

At the end of the month, they were charged a 5% commission for all sales and 5% more for all purchases on these platforms, these same were also developed in many countries and for more than 20 years but without any significant expansion.


The ideal moment

When YTC was born, it created the necessary conditions to be the perfect means of payment for this type of exchange and with the mega-trend of the marketplace we began to work on this wonderful platform.

GDC Exchange combines the oldest way of doing business in the world with the most innovative payment method of today and of the future in a platform that everyone wants to be in marketplaces. A new business unit is born.

Today, GDC grows and advances presenting tools with values without competition in the market within the Yellow Pages by GDC environment, which promotes interaction between users and companies with actions that strengthen loyalty. In addition, through its directors, YellowPages by GDC offers comprehensive advice on the use of the tools.


To increase city directors
2020 onwards

Our desire is to participate actively and reach the numbers of users that we have achieved in AiYellow.

In a market increasingly focused on mobile cellular technology, our goal in the short term is to open as many commercial directorships as possible to strengthen the the market and disseminate its use. According to our estimates, the number of users should grow exponentially when using the Pro Database System.

Our presence globally

New members are added as City Directors globally every day in the City Director Program.
Get to know them by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location of your interest.

Lastest Registered Directors

    Valledupar, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Eduardo Tobacia (AdamNetCo)
    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Gastronomy
  • Maria Elena Giraldo Vargas
    Quito, Ecuador
    YTC Unit
  • Juan Vicens Suarez
    Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • María Stella Cediel Toro
    Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Hospitality & Tourism
  • Gloria Efemena Egbulefu
    Lagos, Nigeria
    GDC YellowPages - Digital City
  • Chijioke Ugoagwu
    Abuja, Nigeria
    GDC YellowPages - Digital City
  • Chiagoziem Alaribe
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Israel Chacón
    Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Jorge Franco Gutiérrez
    Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico
  • Edson Eduardo Reyes Marambio
    Los Ángeles, Chile
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Aline Cristiane De Lima Aline Lima
    Juiz de Fora, Brazil
  • Eddy Murillo
    Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Miguel Romero
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
    Iguape, Brazil
    GDC YellowPages - Digital City
  • Damaris Maria Peralta Castillo
    Los Ángeles, Chile
    GDC YellowPages - Health
  • Emilanda María Sánchez Gil
    Concepción, Chile
  • Fenix Marketing Fotografia
    Albufeira, Portugal
  • Jacobus La Grange
    Fourways, South Africa
  • Yobana Matallana
    Bogotá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Optics

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