How to participate in GDC

Possibilities for all entrepreneurs

Cooperative participation

Global Digital Cooperative (GDC) was created to stimulate the active participation of its members regardless of age, sex, race or socio-cultural or financial condition.

GDC is an opportunity for all those who wish to develop within the digital business world.

How to participate

GDC offers different forms of participation. Once the candidate decides in what area of the cooperative feels most comfortable, the next step is to contact the corresponding sector using the form found on this page or participate in any of the live presentations or through online webinars.

If you want to participate institutionally or commercially within the GDC cooperative ecosystem or propose strategic business alliances, you can do so directly and without intermediaries.

After receiving your message, an institutional member will be assigned to move forward with the proposal.

Areas of participation

GDC offers different areas in which its members can participate:

  • Institutional Staff, assuming some of the forms of representation of the cooperative at continental level or by country.
  • Commercial Staff, through the City Director Program, through a City Director of one of our Business Units.
  • Group of partners, as an allied company of the cooperative for the development of various operational activities.
  • International Academy.
  • GDC Clubs: Shopping and Discounts Club, Travel Club and Microinvestment Club.

Join the Corporate Staff

Members who wish to be part of the executive area of the Cooperative may submit their application, which will be evaluated and taken into consideration when vacancies for such positions are available.

Application for participation in GDC

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