Attracts New Customers and Increases Profits
for Business Owners in your City

GDC UbiZ allows your customers to connect with their own customers.

GDC UbiZ App provides business owners in all cities worldwide with a powerful and "easy to use" marketing tool allowing them to optimize a perfect digital marketing strategy that drives customers and delivers more profits to their business.

Thousands of merchants around the world have dramatically improved their business, made more loyal customers and increased their profits using the GDC Ubiz App.

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Why do business owners love the Ubiz App?

Raffles and Prizes

Offer their customers prizes and monthly sweepstakes just for using the app.

'Push' Notifications

Deliver special promotions or exclusive product or service offers targeted to their customers instantly.

A geo-location experience

The geo-location system provides business owners with the ability to target customers in their area.

A real community

Their customers can share product testimonials, user experience and photos with their friends.


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Do you want your business to reach its full potential?

The Ubiz App provides entrepreneurs with the most effective way to retain their current customers, attract new customers and increase profits for their business all in one app.

Dynamic Push Notifications

Businesses can create dynamic real time special product offers and deals based on location, preferences and needs.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Allows direct and interactive communication
between the business owner
and their customers.

Instant Communications

Allows business owners to reach their target market at the right time through push notifications whether the app is running or not.

Be an Expert

Business owners have complete access to electronic tools and video tutorials where they can learn all the features and explore the full potential of this incredible loyalty tool.

Personalize their strategy

Business owners can deliver special promotions to their customers instantly, allowing them to target market specific customers with special product offers or services.

Customer Loyalty

The Ubiz App allows business owners to launch their own customized Loyalty Programs, motivating their customers with sweepstakes, promotions, and other special marketing activities direct to their mobile devices instantly.

Marketing simple and direct

GDC Ubiz App provides business owners with a commanding platform that gives them the most effective and cost efficient method to promote and target market their products and services to their customers, period.

At the touch of a button, they have a powerful Push Communication tool at their control, that delivers specific promotions to their customers instantly, builds loyalty with their current customers, and attracts new customers to their business, thus increasing their profits.

UBiz specialist developers have designed the GDC Ubiz app for ease of use and includes a complete step by step instruction how business owners can achieve optimal marketing results and increase profits instantly in the palm of their hand.

Simple Solutions

Through our professional market research, our team has created a brilliant multi-function business application that provides entrepreneurs and businesss owners with a range of customized packages based on their customers' needs, and allows them to notify their customers of special promotions and deals instantly.

Also, It is important to emphasize that they will always be in control and remain the owner of all their promotional material that they create for their customer loyalty campaigns.


Latest registered advertisers

  • Paraíso Das Joias | Moscavide
    oeiras, portugal
  • Maxicompra Supermercados - Glória Do Ribatejo
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  • Legend Majestic | Nail Art | Manicure E Pedicure | V.N.Gaia
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  • Legend Majestic | Manicure, Pedicure E Nail Art | Porto
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  • Paraíso Das Jóias | Viana Do Castelo
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  • Maxicompra Supermercados
    salvaterra de magos, portugal
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  • Restaurante Ginjal | Cozinha Tradicional Portuguesa | Gaia
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The evolution of the GDC UbiZ App

Beginning, present and future


Launching the application
September, 2014

The arrival of smart phones has totally transformed the way business is done globally. The smart phone has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their business around the globe. How to attract new customers and increase customer and brand loyalty has been a challenge for most entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

So we came up with a solution and the Ubiz App was born. We have created a brilliant, multi-functional business application that focuses on retaining and attracting new customers, delivering powerful customer loyalty programs, builiding businesses and increasing profits for all entrepreneurs around the world.

In September 2014, we started work on creating the UbiZ App. We had the idea, we had the vision, and the technology was available. There is no better technology than instant push notifications and smart advertising campaigns for entrepreneurs to promote, attract, retain, and build customer and brand loyalty for their business.

The main focus of the Ubiz App is to provide entrepreneurs with an effective method to promote their products or services, build their business and increase their profits cost effectively. With push notifications, the entrepreneur is in complete control to perfectly custom design their marketing campaigns and promotions by sending small doses of targeted information directly to their customers and so increase sales and profits.

The market surprised us again: UbiZ immediately caught the attention of business owners and achieved the first 100,000 downloads and is now on the way to millions of downloads on the Android and Apple stores.

Mobiles and Tablets 51.3%
Computers and Notebooks 48.7%

According to StatCounter, Internet usage on mobile devices and tablets surpassed that of desktop PCs worldwide for the first time at the end of 2016. Mobile phones and tablets accounted for 51.3% of the world's preferred Internet devices.


UbiZ for users and UbiZ for business

The market surprised us again: UbiZ immediately caught the attention of business owners and achieved the first 100,000 downloads and is now on the way to millions of downloads on the Android and Apple stores.

Later, we designed a commercial program using Brand Licenses and included the product at no cost within AiYellow's Super AdPack, Ultra AdPack and Pro AdPack ad packages

Today, the UbiZ Application continues to evolve, expand and advance by offering additional features such as the "UbiZ for Business" to companies with no market competition, and UbiZ for People, which promotes interaction between users and businesses through the unique sweepstakes and prizes offered that attracts new customers, strengthens customer loyalty and continues to build businesses worldwide.

Demand for mobile apps has never been higher! According to recent data, nearly half of small businesses are expected to develop their own mobile app by 2022.

The trend of small businesses is to develop their own applications

  • 100%
  • 80%
  • 60%
  • 40%
  • 20%
  • 0%
  • 19
  • 21
  • 27
  • 35
  • 44
  • 48


To increase commercial licenses
2020 onwards

Our goal is to deliver an effectual application that provides a useful method for hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to build a relationship with their customers, retain their customers, attract new customers, increase profits and expand their business.

In a market increasingly focused on mobile cellular technology, GDC is now introducing the Ubiz Business Application Division through the GDC City Director Program to promote and reveal it's phenomenol effectiveness and true value for businesses in their city.

By establishing Ubiz as one of the new GDC Business Divisions, the number of business users will grow exponentially into millions worldwide, using the WhitePages database and its awards system and expanding businesses and increasing profits globally.

Download the free app now!

Our presence in the world

Every day new members are added from all over the world as City Directors of the City Director Program.
Meet the members by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location that is of interest to you.

Latest registered Directors

  • Mercedes Amparo Rosales Jimenez
    Pasto, Colombia
  • Eric Solis
    San José, Costa Rica
  • Ramona Concepción Fretes
    Luque, Paraguay
  • Maria Elena Giraldo Vargas
    Lima, Peru
    GDC YellowPages - Veterinary
  • Tania Pineda
    Ciudad de Panamá, Panama
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Rosa Vicenta Reyes Loor
    Valencia, Ecuador
  • Ramiro Alexander Santamaría
    San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Edson Eduardo Reyes Marambio
    Los Ángeles, Chile
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Bryan Estrella
    Chillán, Chile
  • Johan Becerra
    Cúcuta, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Olga Santiago Rios
    San Cristóbal, Venezuela
    GDC YellowPages - Health
  • Luis Andres Orozco Calderon
    Tunja, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Alejandro Alban
    Quito, Ecuador
    GDC YellowPages - Gastronomy
  • Wellison Dileve
    Ipatinga, Brazil
    YTC Unit
  • Rosana Matute Franka
    Pampatar, Venezuela
  • Luis Jorge Neisa Riveros
    Soacha, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Home
  • Paula Cárdenas
    Guastatoya, Guatemala
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Eva Lourdes Herrera Cedeño
    La Maná, Ecuador
  • Esmelinda Rodríguez
    San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic
  • Amarelas Moz
    Luanda, Angola

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