Business' s units

Business' s units

Business units are born with the choice of a product. This choice is, made by the digital incubator, responsible for the entire process of registration in the global digital cooperative ecosystem, as well as the development and implementation.

All business units have the same commercial concept under the City Director model. The rules and strategies that regulate these business activities are also the same for all these divisions.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are a member of GDC apply to the City Director Program and develop your business.

New developments

The selection of new products, the development and its implementation are the main functions of the Digital Laboratory.

GDC is in constant search of digital products that can be, adapted to our model of co-operatives. New developments are, presented by companies that wish GDC to markets their products. The BOI is responsible for the technical analysis and commercial viability of the new, developments that are presented in GDC.


Our presence in the world

Every day new members are added from all over the world as City Directors of the City Director Program.
Meet the members by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location that is of interest to you.

  • Aulio Añazco
    Quito, Ecuador
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  • Andrés Rubiano
    Facatativá, Colombia
    GDC YellowPages - Education & Training
  • Andres GOMEZ
    Ubaté, Colombia
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  • Janeth Castro Alava
    Machala, Ecuador
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  • Martha Patricia Deantonio Caraballo
    Facatativá, Colombia
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  • Marco Giovanni López T.
    Guayaquil, Ecuador
    GDC YellowPages - Professionals
  • Marcones Da Cunha Pereira
    Natal, Brazil
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  • Monica Patricia Ferreira Luengas
    Cúcuta, Colombia
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  • Yeimy Calderón
    Cajicá, Colombia
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  • Juana Maria Ortiz De Rozas
    Asunción, Paraguay
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  • Javier Antonio Vargas Buitrago
    La Dorada, Colombia
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  • Rafael Miguel Reyes Ramos
    Quevedo, Ecuador
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  • Manuel Pedro Cerveira
    Estarreja, Portugal
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  • Giovanny Mendoza Cañon
    Riohacha, Colombia
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    Igarapé, Brazil
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  • Antonio Mortensen
    Riobamba, Ecuador
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  • Carlos Nunes
    Seixal, Portugal
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  • Yanee Srisantiwong
    ศรีราชา, Thailand
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  • Dominga Antonia Buitrago Lizcano
    San Gil, Colombia
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  • Lucía Facciuto
    Ciudad Cancún, Mexico
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